Is there a contract?

No, you can cancel at any time. Your account will remain active through the remainder of your purchased access.

Do I still need sales leads?

Yes, Techy.Software is a platform to engage and nurture your leads as they come in.

Is there a setup fee?

Setup fee is a one-time charge of $197.

Are there any other fees?

Our texting platform utilizes the Twilio VOIP service. Any text (SMS) usage over 2,000 messages (Platinum)/ 1000 Messages (Gold) will be billed at $.015 per text. For example, if you send/receive 3,500 messages (on the Platinum Plan) you will be billed $.015 for 1000 messages ($15)

Should I keep my existing CRM?

Probably. This system is designed to automatically connect, follow-up and nurture your sales leads.